Tax Preparation Services in the USA


About Juli Tax

Who we are

Juli Tax is a qualified tax professionals providing tax preparation and filing services for individuals in the United States. We offer solutions tailored to each client's individual needs. Our experience covers both standard and complex tax cases, including immigrant's situations, which allows us to offer a high quality of service. We use modern technologies and practices, which guarantee the security and confidentiality of personal data.

Our mission

• Providing a high-quality, transparent and understandable tax return filing service
• Simplifying the tax declaration process for our clients
• Reducing the tax burden within the current legislation for each client, including a thorough analysis of possible deductions, benefits and tax credits

What we do

• Preparation, filling and submission of tax returns to the tax authorities
• Federal, State and Local Tax Returns
• Adjustment of tax returns up to three previous years
• Extension of the deadline for filing a tax return
• Filing FBAR report - FinCEN Form 114 - “Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts”
• Consulting on tax issues

Who are our customers

We work almost with all states of the US and serve a wide range of clients, including:
• US citizens and tax residents
• Tax Nonresident Aliens
• Wage-earners
• Sole Proprietorships
• Single Member LLC
• Other taxpayer groups

How it works

• You contact us
• You provide complete and reliable information about yourself: upload a complete package of documents or fill out a detailed questionnaire
• We estimate the cost of preparing and filing your tax return and let you know
• You provide a complete package of your documents, if you have not already provided
• You sign Engagement Agreement and pay the cost of preparing your tax return
• We prepare your tax return and provide it to you to sign
• You review and sign your tax return
• We file your tax return to the tax authorities

* Some cases require paper submission, in which case the procedure differs
** The cost of preparing and filing a tax return does not include taxes, which must be paid directly to the tax office.